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Atom Powered Server

Hi sgwebhostingtalk members, I am here to talk to you about creating server using atom processor.
This project started when i saw a video on youtube talking about atom server. As you know i am 12 years old only, i got another friend Jason,13 years old, to join me in this project.He owns a web hosting too which is www.jarbeed.com hosted on vps.
What we are trying to do is to build a 1unit server which can help us save money and save electricity. These are our server specs

Intel Atom Dual Core N330 1.6GHz Processor (Integrated)
Intel original D945GCLF2 Mainboard
2GB DDR2 667Mhz Kingston
Hitachi 320GB SATA-II 7200rpm+16MB HDD
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator 950 with TV output
LG GH22 22X SuperMulti SATA DVDRW (Read & Write DVDs)
Motherboard Specs: 10/100/1000 Gigabit / 5.1 Audio / Serial x1 / Parallel x1 / PCI x1
CYMAX mini-ITX 8989G Black / 8989II White with Power Supply

And of course we are not going to use the casing stated above thats why we need your help.
To complete our project we need some sponsors to help us. I will be helping to buy the parts above from cybermind in sim lim square. Don't worry, I have build a computer before. We need the items from the list below hopefully someone could help us.

1) 1 month 1u Server Colocation 2 IPs (Hope you all got any blank space)
2) Tell Us where to buy server casing 1u which can fit micro atx or mini itx motherbord and power supply too. If you have you could give it to us or sell it to us at a cheap price.
3) DirectAdmin License 1 month
4) Ubuntu Server Edition CD 32-Bit (I have 64 bit but the cpu only 32bit)
5) Someone who is good with DirectAdmin in case we got any problems we could contact you.

We would appriciate any help from you guys. Thank you very much. You can contact us by leaving a reply here or email us at our email jianshen_jason@hotmail.com or ng_wen_hong@hotmail.com

More Information:
Web Hosting Company Using ATOM: http://www.singlehop.com/servers/atom_details.php
Articles: http://blogs.zdnet.com/gadgetreviews/?p=1966
Hardware Shop That We Are Buying Parts From: www.cybermind.com.sg
Operating System: www.ubuntu.com
Project Website: Coming Soon...
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Sorry for double posting hjhgjh
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I probably speak on the behalf of most of the hosters here.

Although I'm impressed that a 12 year old boy is interested in web technologies, I cannot and most hosters cannot support you. I will list the following reasons.

1. Legal issues. Any business dealings such as contract law apply to 18 years and above. Also, some data centre like Qala (now M1 connect) do not even allow 12 year olds into the data centre. You may know computer technology, but however in the eyes of the singapore government, you are not matured or proficient enough to be allowed to conduct business dealings and to operate critical telecommunications hardware in a secured facility. Although a child maybe intelligent, he is neither experienced nor matured to make critical decision or take responsibility for his actions, that is why contracts, drinking, smoking, driving, NS and voting are above 18 years of age

2. Atom based 1U server. Though people may have suggested atom servers as a viable option for low cost servers, VPS and virtualization already fills in this gap. It will be electrical and space inefficient to hold multiple atom servers when similiar space in 1U can be utilised for more dense, powerful and efficient dual xeon servers.
Consider the analogy of a bicycle vs bendy bus.

3. Finances. As a 12 year old, you are not a working adult who has thousands of dollars for experimentation. Most people already in their 20s do not even have enough money to support themselves yet. Servers are not toys, they are industrial tools for the IT industry.

4. Experience and Goal. Anybody nowadays can build a computer given they have to, I am solely interested as to your level of IT proficiency or even a business plan or a purpose as to what your server is for.
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I'd just like to add something here.

Since you're committing these on a commercial purpose, you have to ensure that it is entirely viable. If doesn't sound very professional or formal to ask for sponsorships to fund your business adventure. I've to come up with the capital, for you to earn money, that i have no authority or share of profit of. Not very logical.
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WH, first you've gotta learn how to reply to emails when your host/provider contacts you asking for clarifications on your intentions. And to think it was a free trial, the least you could and should have done is to reply "sorry we can't afford it, thank you for the free trial".
If you continue to take goodwill given to you as a sign of stupidity, then I wish you good luck in your ventures.
Roy Lee
ConceptLane Pte Ltd
Hosting, VPS, Colo, Dedi, Web Apps
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