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View Poll Results: How much will you pay for business lead?
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Dean Loh
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Would like to see a show of hands: will you pay for leads?

Hello fellow webmasters, my name is Dean Loh. Some of you might have come across my name especially if you Google for "freelance web designer", you should find my name in the search results.

I'm not sure if I'm still at the first spot, but thanks to Google, I'm able to receive between 15-20 emails each week requesting for quotation.

In the last four months or so (22 May to 15 Sep, 2012), I received in total $237,000 in value of request for quotes. Bear in mind, when prospects fill up the RFQ form in my website, they were asked to indicate a budget, ranging from $1,000 to $10,000. This is how I estimated the value.

You must be thinking: with that many RFQs in my plate, I must be making heck load of money! Well my answer to you is yes and no. Yes — I'm making a pretty fine living. No — not the heck load of it! Why not? Well, because I don't have four heads and eight hands, and I have only 24 hours a day, in which, some parts of it are shared with my wife, my baby boy and my dog.

Expand, you say? Have tried that. I brought on board couple of full time and contracted staffs, till I realised I ended up spending more time helping others make their living. To put it simply: I'm not a good manager.

Outsourced? Have tried that too! Same kind of headache, in fact, worse! Send email no reply, phone call only late nights. Really, I don't know how others did it, but I have had enough of it already!

Until this morning, revelation hit me: how about selling those leads away?

Unlike typical referrals, I'm not going to forward the contacts to you, wait for you to close the deal, deliver the job, collect the payment, then cut me a commission.

The way I intend to make it work is: I'll first inform the prospect that I will be posting their job request on my website, that is open for all to view. You get to view the project requirement, the budget, and the deadline. If you are interested to take on the job, you just need to pay a nominal fee and the contact information will be revealed to you. You may then take it from there and be in touch with the prospect. Weather you close the job or not, or you close it at big sum, it's no longer my business. But of course, on my end, I will remain constant contact with the prospect to verify if a job is close, or expired. Once a job is closed, no one should be able to view it or bid for it.

My question for today is: if I were to offer this opportunity to you, to be able to view real business leads, how much are you willing to pay for it? Please cast your vote.

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