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HOW TO: Backup and Restore your site & MySQL DB using SSH

This guide is suitable for those people who has SSH access to their accounts.

As always, follow at your own risk and I am not responsible for any damages caused. You have been warned!!!

Step 1: Login your normal user account via SSH.

Step 2: MySQL DB backup
Make a sub directory name mysqlbackup under your home directory.
mkdir ~/mysqlbackup
Now issue the following command to backup your MySQL DB to the mysqlbackup directory:
mysqldump -u MYSQLUSERNAME -pMYSQLPASSWORD --add-drop-table MYSQLDBNAME > ~/mysqlbackup-`date '+%d-%B-%Y'`.sql
MYSQLUSERNAME is your MySQL Username
MYSQLPASSWORD is your MySQL Password
MYSQLNAME is your MySQL Database Name
If you have more than one MySQL DBs, simply change MYSQLUSERNAME, MYSQLPASSWORD and MYSQLDBNAME accordingly.
The above command will dump your DB to mysqlbackup directory.

Step 3: Backup your account
Now it is time to create a backup sub directory under your home directory. I will create sub directory name backup.
mkdir ~/backup
It is time to backup your account including MySQL DBs. There are many methods to backup your account but I will just list down one though.
Issue the following command to have all your data in your account backup except those in your backup directory:
tar -zcpvf ~/backup/fullbackup-`date '+%d-%B-%Y'`.tar.gz --exclude=backup .
First command is to change your current working directory to your home directory.
Second command is to backup all your data in your account except those in the backup directory. Remember the ending dot at the end of the second command.

Now you can FTP in and download the tarball in the backup directory.


Here are the steps:

Step 1. FTP upload one of your latest backup tarball to your account which is in fullbackup-DD-Month-YYYY.tar.gz.

Step 2: SSH in your account.

Step 3: Create a temp. directory in your account.
For me, I will create restore directory name under home directory.
mkdir ~/restore
Step 4: Move your uploaded latest backup tarball to the restore directory.
If you upload the backup tarball in your home directory, simply issue this command:
mv fullbackup-*.tar.gz ~/restore/
Step 5: Change your current working directory to your restore directory.
Issue this command to change:
cd ~/restore
Step 6: Unpack your uploaded backup tarball in the restore directory.
tar -zxvf fullbackup-*.tar.gz
Now it is time for you to move whatever files or directory as you wish from your restore directory to your home directory. This requires you to have some basic knowledge in SSH command though. I don't want to unpack the backup tarball in the home directory is because I can choose to restore on whatever files or directories I want to restore from backup

For restore your MySQL DBs, issue the following command:

Ok, I am done.

Hope this help someone

<EDIT>edit some typo :p</EDIT>
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