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Managing and Running a Hosting Business How to run a hosting business from business licence registration, setting up, billing, chargeback to customer solutions.

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The most common problems with web hosting providers

There has been a rapidly rising demand for web hosting services and many of the part-time basis-basement operations have found it virtually impossible to meet the new quality and service demands of web sites.
Many who had previously gotten away with shoddy services and a technical service department that was just an answering machine where all callers including clients with emergency situations left their messages.
You may be unfortunate enough to still be using a hosting service like this one. Our advice is that it is too costly in today’s net environment.
Here are the 3 most common complaints against hosts;

1. Poor Technical Support
This complaint is by far the one that is mostly heard. Many hosting companies outsource their technical support and the result is often total chaos. Clients get answering machines or voice mail systems when they call. Sometimes you can even get non-English speaking technicians.
Other times trouble tickets go unanswered for days without resolution.

2. Reliability
Reliability is another major complaint with sites being down to many times or being too slow at certain times. All this impacts negatively on the performance and revenue potential of the site.

3. Delays after signing up
When people sign up for web sites, they are often anxious to go ahead as quickly as possible. Nobody wants delays. But with many web hosts, after signing up it takes days for the account to be ready.

These are all things to look out for when getting a web host.

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it's a bit late answering this post but what the heck...

Anyways...setting up a simple shared hosting account takes less than 5 mins to do it..via WHM... i believe its due to overwhelming orders. nonetheless, if all the staff in the co. r doing their jobs, then there shouldnt be any of these problems in the first place.

bottom line is, to stay in the competition, you'd need to be good. if you aren't good...u'll just die off...
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and most importantly ... don't rage a price war ...
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they do offer similar product package and service ..
having the same promotion..
argue for the cheapest and most quality

but in the end, the benefit will go to customer. ^^
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You really made some very good points with in tha rticle. As every one knows there is so much of competition among hosting providers these days, Improvement with in the services is most possible way to build long term bond with their customers.Clients and web hosting provider must establish the business relationship. This should be done on the basis of equality and mutual benefits. Majority of the hosting provider are very perfect to the best of his ability. So they should make up for the shortcoming as much as possible to solve the problem.
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